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Message from Our President/CEO
As we enter the 4th quarter, anticipation and excitement are building for our new name, Wheelhouse Credit Union.
Many of you, our loyal members, have reached out to us and I personally thank you for all your feedback. It’s much appreciated.
In the course of planning and looking at the future of our Credit Union, we discovered the name San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union presented limitations and was not recognized by, or relevant to, potential new members. Having San Diego and Metropolitan in the name caused potential members to think they were not eligible for membership. (Plus, our Credit Union is often mistaken for San Diego County Credit Union.) Our new name distinguishes us and welcomes all individuals who live or work in San Diego County.
The Board of Directors and the Management Team took the process of changing our name and rebranding very seriously. We conducted extensive focus group discussions comprised of members, employees, board members and non-members to garner feedback and solicit input. We also hired a marketing firm that specializes in rebranding to assist our process. Following our market research, the Wheelhouse Credit Union name was selected and approved by our Board of Directors.
Our new name Wheelhouse Credit Union reflects our more expanded focus, and celebrates the importance of every member regardless of occupation, place or position. The word "wheelhouse" has many relevant definitions, including “an area that matches a person’s skills or expertise” and in baseball it refers to the section of “the strike zone where it is easiest for the batter to hit the ball well.” It is our goal to be an innovative provider of financial products and services and to delight our members with a wonderful banking experience; it’s in our wheelhouse, just like wild animal conservation is in The San Diego Zoo’s wheelhouse.
Over the coming months, you will see exciting product additions and enhancements. We will also demonstrate deeper community involvement as we remain connected to our San Diego Made heritage, while reintroducing the Credit Union to all San Diegans.
Be sure to check our website this month for more details.
Lisa Paul-Hill
Holiday Closures

Columbus Day
Monday, October 8
Veterans Day
Monday, November 12
Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 22
Christmas Day
Tuesday, December 25

Our Volunteers

We salute all the volunteer members of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee for their
continued commitment to Wheelhouse Credit Union.

Board of Directors
Marcia McLatchy, Chair
Dan Sobel, Vice Chair
Sharon Floyd, Secretary/Treasurer
Michael Ahlering
D. Cruz Gonzalez
Robert Lawrence
Mario Modiano
Stephanie Rose
Robert Wilson

Supervisory Committee
June Dudas, Chair
Edward Prendell
Scott Wahl


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